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Technology changes rapidly. Your memories shouldn't.
Learn how to preserve your images in Heirloom Albums.

Technology changes rapidly. Your memories shouldn't.
Learn how to preserve your images in Heirloom Albums.

Why Wedding

In 20 or 30 years from today, what photos will you see from your wedding day? How will you experience your love story? Technology changes rapidly, so chances are if you go to your phone… they won’t be there. And they certainly won’t be in a Facebook album.

This is why every couple that chooses Everly Ardent leaves with a physical wedding album. Digital files live on USBs, in desk drawers, & on the crowded cloud where you’ll rarely find them, places they cannot be seen & enjoyed during everyday life.

But when you invest in our services, we make sure you experience your investment over and over again by feeling your photographs, reliving your emotions, and displaying your memories for the world to see. As industry experts, there is nothing we love more than providing you with this lifelong joy. Learn more about our albums below.

We are blown away by our beautiful album! We’re so excited to show it to our family this weekend when we get together for Mother’s Day! And we’ll be sharing with our friends as well – it’s so beautifully made and the pictures themselves were of course amazing! Thank you so much!!





The Gift

4×4 Gift Album
Perfect for Parents & Purses 

The Simple Highlight

8×8 Storybook Album
Includes First 30 Pages Thin Pages Linen Cover

The Moment Driven Story

10×10 Heirloom Album
Includes First 40 Pages
Thick Pages Linen or Leather Cover

The Complete Day

12×12 Heirloom Album
Includes First 50 Pages
Thick Pages
Linen or Leather Cover

12x12 Heirloom Album

The Complete Day

Our most breathtaking album we offer, our thick page 12×12 Heirloom Album begins with your first 50 pages and can be covered in linen or leather. This album can include the complete story of your day including candids, in-between moments, faces of friends and family, and sweeping couple portraits across its 12×24 seamless spreads. This album is perfect for those who want their images to live in sweeping, eye-popping print for generations to come. 

10x10 Heirloom Album

The Moment Driven Story

Our most popular album, the thick page 10×10 Heirloom Album begins with your first 40 pages and can be covered in linen or leather. This approachable album can include the main highlights of your day plus in-between moments to incorporate the emotion you felt throughout your celebration. This album is perfect for the coffeetable to be picked up on movie nights and date nights in. 

8x8 Storybook Album

The Simple Highlight

Our simplest album, this thin page 8×8 Storybook Album begins with your first 30 pages and can be covered only in linen. This album includes the main highlights of your day such as putting on the dress, first kiss, and first dances. This album is perfect for those who are looking for a simple way to preserve their celebration. 


Engagement Albums

Your wedding images aren’t the only ones that should be preserved in print. Your engagement images tell the story of who you are at this very special time in your lives – between the “Yes!” and the “I do!” 

Engagement albums are thin albums covered in linen with the same high quality printing that will last for decades. 

Parent Albums

Show your parents how much you appreciate them with an album of their own. Our parent albums start at 8×8 in size and are duplicate designs of your main album. 

Do you parents want to customize their album and include their favorite images from the day? Unique designs and size upgrades are available, too! Just ask and we’ll include those in your collection.


Linen Covers

The layered weaves of the linen highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of your album. Fine Linen has a large weave with a pronounced texture. Select Linen has a delicate weave with a parallel texture. Japanese Silk has a soft, sleek texture that is natural to the smooth fibrils of silk.

Leather Covers

We use 100% natural, Italian leathers that are selected for their exceptional texture, strength, and durability. The Distressed Leathers enamor with their aged beauty. Colored Leathers are both smooth and luxurious.

Suede Covers

Suede leather that you just can’t help but brush your hand over. Soft, velvety texture, durable, and our favorite cover to personalize with debossing.



Each of our photography collections automatically includes an album, so let us know which collection you’d like to book during your consultation with us.

Schedule your consultation with us here or email us at [email protected]


Keep in mind that any additional upgrades or add-ons that you include in your collection at the time of booking will receive 15% off.