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EVERLY ARDENT Timeless Destination Wedding Photography

Who We Are

warm hearts & coffee lovers

We believe life’s richest memories come from experiences in which our bodies are given space to soak in every sensation.

We believe in savoring.

The purpose of your photos isn’t to replace memories, rather, to draw you back into your deepest emotions; over and over again. By entrusting us to capture your story, you’re investing in a grounding experience that will give you total freedom to savor.

We believe authentic love is oh-so-sweet (even if it’s cheesy!)

Our couples wholeheartedly believe every moment deserves celebration, and that includes their love story. We adore this. Nothing brings us more joy than watching our couples celebrate life.

We’re relational, not transactional.

Our heart is to be more than just photographers; our team strives to create an experience that is authentic and genuine. On your wedding day, we desire to feel like old friends who happen to have really nice cameras (we may even tear it up on the dance floor after the photos are complete!)

We revel in beauty of the everyday.

Our studio loves cycling, hiking, and hosting dinner parties on whim. Seriously – we LOVE authentic community, spontaneous celebration, and big ol’ adventures.

“Our album is the most beautifully crafted book I’ve ever seen! ”



our “why”



Savoring your emotions is worthy of investing in. We believe you are deserving of connecting with your truest self and experiencing deep joy, heartfelt tears, and big ol’ belly laughs on your wedding day. 

Every time you open up the pages of your wedding album, all those deep feelings will come rushing back, and there’s nothing more grounding than that.